GameChang3rs is the creation of a highly talented team of veteran educators who knew Mike Sadler and the value his legacy could bring to today's students as they begin to build their own legacies​.

With 175 combined years of teaching experience, this team has created a program to give our students tools that will help them develop strong character, make good choices, and become socially and emotionally engaged.


With Mike as inspiration, his example is part of each interactive lesson which also fulfills State of Michigan Dept. of Education social and emotional learning objectives. 


We are proud to announce the selection of the following students as GameChang3rs Ambassadors in Forest Hills Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

These outstanding high school Ambassadors have made a two-year commitment to mentor younger students who are beginning to build their OWN legacies.  They devote weekends and time after school to GameChang3rs, in addition to scheduled time in lower-grade classrooms throughout the school year.   We're thrilled to have these outstanding students represent GameChang3rs!

Kaela Atkinson

Molly Baker

Anusha Balakrishnan

Ellie Baum

Grant Beck

Ava Bell

Alaina Bennett

Molly Berg

Nora Bohn

Toby Bohn

Elizabeth Brown

Hannah DeHaan

Audrey DeSchryver

Anushka Dogra

Anna Fay

Madalyn Foy

Julia Fish

Ava Gilbert

Isabelle Gray

Katie Gray

Megan Gray

Meredith Green

Lexi Gregory

Dominic Grossa

Sarah Gundry

Naomi Gunneson

Dan Gutierrez

​Aubree Hatfield

Lia Hielkema

Lauren Hillyer

Brian Huynh

Christine Huynh

Catherine Hwang

Natalie Hykin

Austin Idziak

Ruby Jazwinski

Isabella Kamp

Tea Kitchen

Elaine Kochaney

Maeve Kuhn

Raleigh Kuipers

Taylor Larsen

Ephraim Lee

Jonid Mandija

Sophia McGrath

Blake Mischley

Tatum Morrill

Ekam Motwani

Brooke Meyers

Ishita Nagpal

Lindsey Nguyen

Hannah Pruski

Rylie Radde

Sam Ray

Tia Reid

Peter Renucci

Sophie Renucci

Kevin Rivera

Ian Roy

Ryann Seymour

Tanishka Shenoy

Luke Silvernale

Emma Soda

Jack Sparhawk

Addie Stauffer

Sam Streng

Harrison Tucker

Stewart Tucker

Pelin Turk

Emma Van Sweden

Emily VanderHoff

Grant VanderKlipp

Daniella Washburn

Makayla Weaver

Alyssa Wierenga

Emily Williams

Dahai Yonas

Naomi Zerom

Our Team

Carole Hammerslag


    Erin Laurell

     Carie Martin

     Lori Rohen


       Becky Telzerow


      Marnie Tencate

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