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Lugnuts honor MSU great Sadler with "Mike Sadler Night" at ballpark

By Phil Byrne

This wasn't just your average run of the mill night or promotion out at the ballpark. The Lugnuts and Mike Sadler's family and foundation have partnered for a special night to help continue the stellar legacy of the late great Spartan Kicker.

"The first thing we did was get the blessing from his family and they said they were fully supportive of this and it was a great night to pick and you know Mike was a big fan of the Lugnuts back in his Michigan State days and came here on Thirsty Thursday so it was only fitting that on May 3rd and his number being number three that we said lets do this and lets go out and make it big," said Tyler Parsons, General Manager of the Lansing Lugnuts.

Fans lined up outside the park to wait to get their hands on a commemorative Mike Sadler Lugnuts jersey and Atwater Brewing's "Hey Diddle Diddle" craft beer the drink inspired by Sadler was served around the concourse at Cooley Law School Stadium.

"A great cause and a great deal of co-branding but I'm awaiting an email from fan number 1,001 that is going to send me a yellow little note afterwards but you know very, very cool opportunity to see all the Spartan fans here and the Lugnuts fans and everyone kind of blending together for this great cause and great night," said Parsons.

Karen Sadler added, " And to us this just means the world. It truly does because it's keeping his name and legacy out there and it's helping us and our foundation to continue to do the work that he began so you know this means the world to us.."

Phil Byrne News 10 Sports.


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