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1st Annual Mike Sadler Specialist Camp

Staff , WZZM


by Stephanie Funkhouser

The Michael Sadler Foundation partnered with Kohl's Kicking on Saturday to host the 1st Annual Mike Sadler Specialist Camp on the brand new turf at Forest Hills Northern High School.

Mike Sadler was a volunteer coach with Kohl's Kicking when he lost his life in a car accident last July.


Mike Sadler honored with kicking camp in Grand Rapids


by Zach Sepanik

When former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler lost his life last July, he was volunteering as a coach for Kohl’s Kicking.

Today, the organization presented the first Sadler Specialist Camp at Forest Hills Northern High School, where Sadler graduated from in 2010.

“This is a camp that’s kind of memorializing Mike,” said Kohl’s Professional Camps owner and founder, Jamie Kohl. “The kids are getting a great value to get trained and to hopefully take that back with them throughout this fall, carrying a part of Mike Sadler with them every time they step foot on the field.”

Kohl launched this event with his staff and several college kickers and punters. They provided instruction, guidance and one-on-one practice.

“What we really like about Kohl’s and why Michael was so dedicated to Kohl’s is that they emphasize character and leadership in a person,” said Karen Sadler, Mike’s mother. “They emphasize the whole package and that’s exactly the purpose of our foundation is to encompass the values that were important to Michael.”

Partnering with the Michael Sadler Foundation, Kohl’s gave back to the youth in Grand Rapids, the community that was so important to Sadler.


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